Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's all a bit of a blur...

Hey there, blog fans! It's been longer than I would have liked since I've written here (again!), so I just wanna give you a quick update on why that's the case. Reason #1: school is kicking my butt!

The good news is that I've moved up my scheduled graduation date by almost a year, to August 2011. The bad news is that between now and then, I've got several difficult senior-level courses to tackle, one of which is becoming a big thorn in my side this semester. It's a course on analysis of historical speeches, ranging from Puritan sermons to Bush on 9/11. And when I say analysis, I mean super-deep analysis. The speeches are interesting from a historical standpoint, but the analytical part is definitely a challenge for me. But hey, I never expected college to be a walk in the park, and if I'm gonna get me some "edumacation" I'm proud to work hard for it. Fortunately I'm doing well in my other two classes this semester, so at least I still have a shred of academic self-esteem.

I'm also in a time crunch to get my schoolwork done this week because we have friends visiting from out-of-town this weekend. Eric (a radio friend from waaay back) and his partner Tommy are heading out from San Antonio to hang with us, and they're bringing Eric's parents with them. I'm pacing my food and alcohol intake in advance... it won't be pretty, I can tell ya now. But it'll be great to see the guys, and after this crazy week a beverage or two or ten might be just the ticket.

Hasta la vista... :-)